About Us

Our Story: 

As a girl, I was very imaginative and loved to draw and create. My grandmother would pick me up from school and help me with my homework. After I finished my work, I would “doodle” while watching cartoons. So, noticing this she started calling me her “Mikki Doodle.” It was her way of saying she loved me and encouraged me to follow my dreams . Our parents, grandparents, and other relatives shape who we become with their words and actions. I hope our kits help you to bond with your child, children or loved ones and spurs a spark of creativity and imagination within them. Thanks for being a part of this journey with us, let’s paint together!

With Love,


CEO/Artist of Mikki Doodles LLC

Our Mission:

To bring creativity closer to youth and adults that will help develop lasting bonds, treasured memories, and a lifetime filled with endless possibility.


Our Vision:

• To Inspire young minds

• Encourage Imaginative Thinking

• Promote Positivity and Self-Love